"BONTONI X TAILORABLE WINE LABEL- purchase of cooperation event"

Good evening sir.
We’d like to invite you to the trunk show & discount event of ‘Tailorable for Wine label’ and ‘Bontoni’, Italian artisan Shoes.

This event comes possible because bespoke tailorable shop in South Korea and Italian shoes atelier that has been adhere to the firm standard of the art of shoes, have same philosophy for ‘The respect and passion for craftsmanship’.

In this trunk show, you can experience not only ‘Bontoni’ shoes, but the sneakers of the hottest brands in Italy, ‘Diadora heritage’, ‘White premiata’ and ‘Leather crown’ at the first floor of the store.


You can have approximately 23% of discount
when you purchase bespoke suit of the Tailoable for Wine label
with Bontoni’s representative 4 models of shoes.

Add, It will be a great chance to be consulted by
the professionals of suit and shoes
for your perfect style ensemble.

*You can choose your suit fabric in the italian’s greatest, ‘Ariston Napoly’ collections.
*This promotion is arranged for 10 pieces only.
*For your special time, we need you to make a reservation prior to your visiting.(02-540-7801)

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